instinctive-blender 2 released (New Game engine soundsystem)

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instinctive-blender 2 released (New Game engine soundsystem)

Post by intrr »

Before it collects dust on the hard drive, I'm announcing the first release of the all-new and current instinctive-blender 2, as a gift and potential feature repository for the Blender community, and as a tool for the professional user who is used to the efficiency of the 2.2x series User Interface.

Linux/i386, IRIX, OSX and Windows as well as source packages can be grabbed here:

BINARIES from contributors are WELCOME!

The rest of this post is the included README. Enjoy!


What is [instinctive.]-blender?

instinctive-blender is a fork of the official Blender Open-Source Modelling,
Animation and Rendering package which can be found at

It is being maintained by me (Alexander Ewering, ae [the damn sign which is picked up by spammers] as an
in-house tool for a small animation studio in Germany.

Why do you maintain a seperate tree of the Blender package?

Back when the Blender source was opened, I quickly started implementing
a few minor changes that better suited the workflow we were used to.

Development soon went further though, as I added a lot of minor tweaks,
and also major new features such as the Audio Sequencer/Sync, Mesh
Editing Undo, or recursive environment mapping.

The main reason for maintaining a seperate tree is the absolute freedom
of being able to do anything you want with it - change how the UI works,
change default behaviours, introduce new bugs ;-), without having to
worry about syncing development with a large userbase.
It also enables me to bypass any "foundation politics sessions" that
often slow down development speed unnecessarily.

Apart from that, recent changes to the User Interface in the official
Blender releases (2.30 and upwards) didn't match my understanding of an
efficient, workflow-oriented interface. Since then, it has become another
motivation to continue development (and porting features from the official
release) on instinctive-blender.

What are the main differences?

In short, clear words, instinctive-blender:

- has an interface closer to the OLD user interface (2.2x),
- has features the official release doesn't have (unless they have
already been ported by me or a third party),
- does not have binaries for all the platforms the official release supports
(unless you are willing to compile it for your platform)
- is not taylored towards newbie-friendlyness
- is aimed at stability and efficiency

Main features

Shortlist of the main features that have been developed in
instinctive-blender (some of these have been ported to the official
release, so they might not be new to you)

For a detailed list, please see the CHANGELOG.

- Audio strips in the sequence editor, Audio subsystem with A/V Sync
and Framedrop to maintain framerate

- Undo for mesh editing (has now been replaced by global undo)

- Envmaps can now see other envmapped objects

- Recursive Envmap rendering for more realistic reflections

- Automatic Mesh edge bevelling tool (with help from Martin Poirier)

- DOF (Depth of Field, Focal blur) with Autofocus, emulated focus lens
motor lag

- "Soft Meshes" - Meshes can be deformed by other meshes in a manner
similar to Metaballs (now only works during ALT-A, not in realtime)

- Softbodies with collisions (these are *not* the softbodies being
developed in the official version)

- "Boat" effect for the "Waves" effect (can use any object as
boat floating through the water and causing waves)

- Layer Manager

- Internal Network rendering support


Interchanging projects between official and instinctive-blender should be
no problem, except in the case when instinctive-blender specific features
are used. These cannot work in the official versions, of course. The files
will read fine, though.

NOTE: Due to UI incompatibilities, instinctive-blender will *not* load
UI settings (screen setups, buttons window setups) from non-instinctive-
blender files!
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Post by teachtech »

:shock: Wow! The boat and audio sequence was something that would be nice to see in the official release also! Thanks- can't wait to download it and test test it.

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Post by simonharvey »

intrr wrote:DOF (Depth of Field, Focal blur) with Autofocus.
I have one question: how do you get DOF in a scanline renderer?

Kind Regards
Simon Harvey

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Post by z3r0_d »

simonharvey wrote:
intrr wrote:DOF (Depth of Field, Focal blur) with Autofocus.
I have one question: how do you get DOF in a scanline renderer?

Kind Regards
Simon Harvey
it is probably the zblur sequence plugin [or similar] if I recall correctly
teachtech wrote::shock: Wow! The boat and audio sequence was something that would be nice to see in the official release also! Thanks- can't wait to download it and test test it.
the sound is in the official release, it has been since 2.28

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Post by intrr »

Yes, the DOF is largely based on the ZBlur Plugin, but integrated into the Renderpipeline. What's new though is the autofocus (thus it's trivially easy to set it up, especially for animations), and the focus lag. It basically acts like a real camera with a motor slowly adjusting the lens. That part is flakey though, and doesn't work with network rendering.

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Post by intrr »

Oops, first showstopper bug already, sorry! Append (SHIFT-F1) is broken due to the new check for iblender/non-iblender files.

Bugfix release is in the making and will be uploaded in a few minutes.

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Post by teachtech »

Sorry- I thought that we were able to mix the audio and video within this version of Blender. I know that we can use the mixdown, but for school-related projects, it would be nice if we could do it all in Blender and not have to use our Adobe Premiere anymore to create the final video. Only have one seat of Premiere for 20 kids. I have been getting them to compile the video in Blender to save time.

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Post by malefico »


Layer management, net rendering and LOD !!!!! This is URGENLTY NEEDED in BF !!! :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

Yeah !!!!!!

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Post by levon »

yay, compiling error :D

Code: Select all

====> make all in source/blender/render/intern/source
====> make all in source/blender/radiosity
====> make all in source/blender/radiosity/intern
====> make all in source/blender/radiosity/intern/source
====> make all in source/blender/blenlib
====> make all in source/blender/blenlib/intern
====> make all in source/blender/blenkernel
====> make all in source/blender/blenkernel/intern
====> make all in source/blender/blenkernel/bad_level_call_stubs
====> make all in source/blender/blenpluginapi
====> make all in source/blender/blenpluginapi/intern
====> make all in source/blender/makesdna
====> make all in source/blender/makesdna/intern
====> make all in source/blender/src
gcc -c -DGAMEBLENDER=1 -DUSE_SUMO_SOLID -pipe -mno-cygwin -mwindows -DNDEBUG -O2
 -Wall -Wno-char-subscripts  -funsigned-char  -DFREE_WINDOWS -I/cygdrive/d/levon
-cvs/instinctive/../lib/windows/python/include/python2.3 -I/cygdrive/d/levon-cvs
/instinctive/../lib/windows/ghost/include -I/cygdrive/d/levon-cvs/instinctive/..
/lib/windows/bmfont/include -I/cygdrive/d/levon-cvs/instinctive/../lib/windows/S
oundSystem/include -I/cygdrive/d/levon-cvs/instinctive/../lib/windows/gcc/sdl/in
clude -I../render/extern/include -I../renderconverter -I../blenkernel -I../blenl
ib -I../python -I../makesdna -I../imbuf -I../img -I../blenloader -I.. -I../../ke
rnel/gen_system -I../../gameengine/SoundSystem -I../ftfont -I../radiosity/extern
/include -I/cygdrive/d/levon-cvs/instinctive/source/gameengine/Physics/Sumo/incl
ude -I/cygdrive/d/levon-cvs/instinctive/../lib/windows/guardedalloc/include -I/c
ygdrive/d/levon-cvs/instinctive/../lib/windows/decimation/include -I/cygdrive/d/
levon-cvs/instinctive/../lib/windows/bsp/include -I/cygdrive/d/levon-cvs/instinc
tive/../lib/windows/opennl/include -I../readstreamglue -I../include -DNAN_BUILDI
NFO -DINTERNATIONAL -I./ space.c -o /cygdrive/d/levon-cvs/instinctive/obj/window
In file included from space.c:44:
../blenlib/BLI_winstuff.h:34: warning: ignoring #pragma warning
space.c: In function `select_children':
space.c:536: warning: implicit declaration of function `is_object_locked'
space.c: At top level:
space.c:614: warning: static declaration for `convert_for_nonumpad' follows non-
space.c: In function `winqreadview3dspace':
space.c:1202: warning: implicit declaration of function `set_autofocus'
space.c: In function `drawinfospace':
space.c:2527: error: `edgsp' undeclared (first use in this function)
space.c:2527: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
space.c:2527: error: for each function it appears in.)
space.c:2527: error: `mpref' undeclared (first use in this function)
space.c:2527: error: `midsp' undeclared (first use in this function)
make[3]: *** [/cygdrive/d/levon-cvs/instinctive/obj/windows/blender/src/space.o]
 Error 1
make[2]: *** [all] Error 1
make[1]: *** [all] Error 1
make: *** [all] Error 1

any idea intrr?

win xp, cygwin, and can get both BF tree and Tuhopuu 2 tree to compile.

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Post by intrr »

Hey levon,

thanks for trying. Please disable INTERNATIONAL - it isn't officially supported in instinctive - then try again.

(To disable international support, I'm not sure what's the official way - so just edit source/, and remove any lines that do something like export INTERNATIONAL = true, or put a hash (#) sign before them).

And ignore all those warnings. I would like to have my code warning-free, but with the already existing warning fireworks when compiling Blender, it's just impossible to see new warnings fly by during compilation ;)

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Post by intrr »

Update: Based on reports, Network renderer has been fixed: Clients now detect if a currently running job has been overwritten by a new job, and will re-load.

If there's interest, I'll upload a new build/source snapshot.

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Post by halibut »

Pretty please a windows build, I could host it :)

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Post by Renderwoman »

Yo Intrr,

I'm always happy to see another Instinctive release, even if the old GUI doesn't disturb me, i have just to say i don't agree with your critic about new GUI.

Anyway, will you support Renderman interface soon?

Finally, make a website Intrr, please

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Post by intrr »

halibut: The hosting is not a problem ;-) The building is. I have no windows build environment. You're kindly invited to make a build and send it to me :)

Renderwoman: My critic about the new GUI is the primary reason for the existance of instinctive-blender :) No, no external renderer support planned, sorry. But expect a lot of other evil little changes/enhancements to further improve (?) the lives of Blender professionals ;-)

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Post by levon »

some more errors for you intrr, seems to be having trouble linking it.

Code: Select all

====> make all in source/sumo/Fuzzics/src
====> make all in source/gameengine/Physics/Dummy
====> make all in source/gameengine/GamePlayer
====> make all in source/gameengine/GamePlayer/common
====> make all in source/gameengine/GamePlayer/common/windows
====> make all in source/gameengine/GamePlayer/ghost
====> make all in source/icons
****> Link /cygdrive/d/levon-cvs/instinctive/obj/windows/bin/blender.exe
g++ -DNDEBUG -O2 -DBUILD_DATE='"2004-12-27"' -DBUILD_TIME='"15:59:08"' -DBUILD_P
LATFORM='"windows"' -DBUILD_TYPE='"dynamic"' /cygdrive/d/levon-cvs/instinctive/s
ource/creator/buildinfo.c -c -o /cygdrive/d/levon-cvs/instinctive/obj/windows/bu
mkdir -p /cygdrive/d/levon-cvs/instinctive/obj/windows/bin
g++  -mwindows -mno-cygwin -mconsole -o /cygdrive/d/levon-cvs/instinctive/obj/wi
ndows/bin/blender.exe /cygdrive/d/levon-cvs/instinctive/obj/windows/buildinfo.o
   /cygdrive/d/levon-cvs/instinctive/obj/windows/creator/libcreator.a /cygdrive/
d/levon-cvs/instinctive/obj/windows/blender/src/libsrcpublisher.a /cygdrive/d/le
von-cvs/instinctive/../lib/windows/decimation/lib/libdecimation.a /cygdrive/d/le
von-cvs/instinctive/../lib/windows/bsp/lib/libbsp.a /cygdrive/d/levon-cvs/instin
ctive/../lib/windows/SoundSystem/lib/libSoundSystem.a /cygdrive/d/levon-cvs/inst
inctive/../lib/windows/ghost/lib/libghost.a /cygdrive/d/levon-cvs/instinctive/..
/lib/windows/string/lib/libstring.a /cygdrive/d/levon-cvs/instinctive/obj/window
s/blender/img/libimg.a /cygdrive/d/levon-cvs/instinctive/obj/windows/blender/ren
derconverter/librenderconverter.a /cygdrive/d/levon-cvs/instinctive/obj/windows/
blender/render/librender.a /cygdrive/d/levon-cvs/instinctive/obj/windows/blender
/radiosity/libradiosity.a /cygdrive/d/levon-cvs/instinctive/../lib/windows/openn
l/lib/libopennl.a /cygdrive/d/levon-cvs/instinctive/../lib/windows/superlu/lib/l
ibsuperlu.a      /cygdrive/d/levon-cvs/instinctive/obj/windows/blender/python/li
bpython.a /cygdrive/d/levon-cvs/instinctive/obj/windows/blender/blenkernel/libbl
enkernel.a /cygdrive/d/levon-cvs/instinctive/obj/windows/blender/blenloader/libb
lenloader.a /cygdrive/d/levon-cvs/instinctive/obj/windows/blender/blenpluginapi/
libblenpluginapi.a /cygdrive/d/levon-cvs/instinctive/obj/windows/blender/imbuf/l
ibimbuf.a /cygdrive/d/levon-cvs/instinctive/obj/windows/blender/blenlib/libblenl
ib.a /cygdrive/d/levon-cvs/instinctive/obj/windows/blender/avi/libavi.a /cygdriv
e/d/levon-cvs/instinctive/../lib/windows/jpeg/lib/libjpeg.a /cygdrive/d/levon-cv
s/instinctive/obj/windows/gameengine/bloutines/libbloutines.a /cygdrive/d/levon-
cvs/instinctive/obj/windows/gameengine/blconverter/libblconverter.a /cygdrive/d/
levon-cvs/instinctive/obj/windows/gameengine/blphys/common/libcommon.a /cygdrive
/d/levon-cvs/instinctive/obj/windows/gameengine/ketsji/libketsji.a /cygdrive/d/l
evon-cvs/instinctive/../lib/windows/gcc/solid/lib/libsolid.a /cygdrive/d/levon-c
vs/instinctive/../lib/windows/gcc/solid/lib/libsolid_broad.a  /cygdrive/d/levon-
cvs/instinctive/../lib/windows/gcc/solid/lib/libsolid_complex.a /cygdrive/d/levo
n-cvs/instinctive/../lib/windows/gcc/solid/lib/libsolid_convex.a /cygdrive/d/lev
on-cvs/instinctive/obj/windows/gameengine/blphys/sumo/libsumo.a /cygdrive/d/levo
n-cvs/instinctive/obj/windows/gameengine/blphys/fuzzics/libfuzzics.a /cygdrive/d
/levon-cvs/instinctive/../lib/windows/gcc/qhull/lib/libqhull.a /cygdrive/d/levon
-cvs/instinctive/obj/windows/gameengine/blphys/dummy/libdummy.a /cygdrive/d/levo
n-cvs/instinctive/obj/windows/gameengine/blphys/common/libcommon.a /cygdrive/d/l
evon-cvs/instinctive/obj/windows/gameengine/blphys/dummy/libdummy.a /cygdrive/d/
levon-cvs/instinctive/obj/windows/gameengine/ketsji/libketsji.a /cygdrive/d/levo
n-cvs/instinctive/obj/windows/gameengine/blphys/common/libcommon.a /cygdrive/d/l
evon-cvs/instinctive/obj/windows/gameengine/blphys/dummy/libdummy.a /cygdrive/d/
levon-cvs/instinctive/obj/windows/gameengine/blphys/common/libcommon.a /cygdrive
/d/levon-cvs/instinctive/obj/windows/gameengine/blphys/dummy/libdummy.a /cygdriv
e/d/levon-cvs/instinctive/obj/windows/gameengine/ketsji/libketsji.a /cygdrive/d/
levon-cvs/instinctive/obj/windows/gameengine/logic/liblogic.a /cygdrive/d/levon-
cvs/instinctive/obj/windows/gameengine/rasterizer/librasterizer.a /cygdrive/d/le
a /cygdrive/d/levon-cvs/instinctive/obj/windows/gameengine/expression/libexpress
ion.a /cygdrive/d/levon-cvs/instinctive/obj/windows/gameengine/scenegraph/libsce
negraph.a /cygdrive/d/levon-cvs/instinctive/../lib/windows/moto/lib/libmoto.a /c
undSystem.a /cygdrive/d/levon-cvs/instinctive/obj/windows/intern/OpenALSoundSyst
em/libOpenALSoundSystem.a /cygdrive/d/levon-cvs/instinctive/obj/windows/intern/S
DLSoundSystem/libSDLSoundSystem.a /cygdrive/d/levon-cvs/instinctive/../lib/windo
ws/openal/lib/openal_static.lib /cygdrive/d/levon-cvs/instinctive/obj/windows/in
tern/SoundSystem/libSoundSystem.a /cygdrive/d/levon-cvs/instinctive/obj/windows/
kernel/gen_system/libgen_system.a /cygdrive/d/levon-cvs/instinctive/obj/windows/
kernel/gen_messaging/libgen_messaging.a /cygdrive/d/levon-cvs/instinctive/obj/wi
ndows/gameengine/ketsji/KXNetwork/libKXNetwork.a /cygdrive/d/levon-cvs/instincti
ve/obj/windows/gameengine/Network/libNetwork.a /cygdrive/d/levon-cvs/instinctive
/obj/windows/gameengine/Network/LoopBackNetwork/libLoopBackNetwork.a /cygdrive/d
/levon-cvs/instinctive/../lib/windows/guardedalloc/lib/libguardedalloc.a /cygdri
ve/d/levon-cvs/instinctive/../lib/windows/bmfont/lib/libbmfont.a /cygdrive/d/lev
on-cvs/instinctive/../lib/windows/png/lib/libpng.a /cygdrive/d/levon-cvs/instinc
tive/obj/windows/blender/yafray/libyafrayexport.a /cygdrive/d/levon-cvs/instinct
ive/../lib/windows/gcc/freetype/lib/libfreetype.a /cygdrive/d/levon-cvs/instinct
ive/../lib/windows/gcc/sdl/lib/libSDL.a /cygdrive/d/levon-cvs/instinctive/../lib
/windows/iksolver/lib/libiksolver.a /cygdrive/d/levon-cvs/instinctive/../lib/win
dows/moto/lib/libmoto.a /cygdrive/d/levon-cvs/instinctive/obj/windows/blender/re
adblenfile/libreadblenfile.a /cygdrive/d/levon-cvs/instinctive/obj/windows/blend
er/src/libsrcpublisher.a /cygdrive/d/levon-cvs/instinctive/obj/windows/blender/i
cons/winblender.res /cygdrive/d/levon-cvs/instinctive/../lib/windows/zlib/lib/li
bz.a /cygdrive/d/levon-cvs/instinctive/../lib/windows/python/lib/freepy.a  -L/us
r/lib/w32api -lnetapi32 -lopengl32 -lglu32 -L/usr/lib/w32api -lwinmm
ext+0x23c):creator.c: undefined reference to `_gethostname'
ext+0x4a4):creator.c: undefined reference to `_gethostname'
erwin.o)(.text+0x1c3f):renderwin.c: undefined reference to `_gethostname@8'
rface.o)(.text+0x7aaa):interface.c: undefined reference to `_FTF_GetBoundingBox'

rface.o)(.text+0x7adf):interface.c: undefined reference to `_FTF_GetStringWidth'

rface.o)(.text+0x7af2):interface.c: undefined reference to `_FTF_GetSize'
rface.o)(.text+0x7b5d):interface.c: undefined reference to `_FTF_GetBoundingBox'

rface.o)(.text+0x6911):interface.c: undefined reference to `_FTF_SetFontSize'
erbuttons.o)(.text+0x34e0):headerbuttons.c: undefined reference to `_FTF_SetSize
uage.o)(.text+0x37):language.c: undefined reference to `_FTF_DrawString'
uage.o)(.text+0xb6):language.c: undefined reference to `_FTF_GetStringWidth'
uage.o)(.text+0x2a0):language.c: undefined reference to `_FTF_SetLanguage'
uage.o)(.text+0x2f3):language.c: undefined reference to `_FTF_SetFont'
uage.o)(.text+0x381):language.c: undefined reference to `_FTF_SetFont'
uage.o)(.text+0x3c4):language.c: undefined reference to `_FTF_SetFont'
iner.o)(.text+0x4234):outliner.c: undefined reference to `_FTF_SetFontSize'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make[1]: *** [/cygdrive/d/levon-cvs/instinctive/obj/windows/bin/blender.exe] Err
or 1
make: *** [all] Error 1

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