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Posted: Mon Dec 13, 2004 6:05 pm
by bertram
1. Where can I choose the video codec?
2. I found the DOF focus point not very easy to set and in some situations Autofocus doesn't work very well. Wouldn't it be good to have the focus assigned to an empty?

Posted: Mon Dec 13, 2004 6:14 pm
by intrr
1. Does the usual place not work? I never use Blender for encoding video, so I wouldn't know. Maybe the functionality is broken in instinctive-blender.

2. Yes, that might be feasible in certain situations. Will think about it :)

Posted: Tue Dec 14, 2004 3:27 pm
by macouno
Ok... I'll post the bmp issue elsewhere.

I agree with bertram... assigning the focus point to an object would be very helpfull. Especially in animation.

Also it feels a bit awkward to me with the current settings. Like "specify the minimum distance that can be focussed". What does that mean? especially since there is a focus distance setting already.

Just focus distance and "focal length" should be enough for a camera. (I like the blur ammount setting though).

Posted: Tue Dec 14, 2004 3:50 pm
by intrr
macouno: The ZMin setting is not provided as a convenience feature, it's there because that's how z-buffer based DOF works :) This cannot be automated, either, because then the overall maximum degree of blur would be different for each frame of an animation, as the minimum distance to the camera of objects in the scene (which would be placed in ZMin) would constantly change.

Posted: Wed Dec 15, 2004 4:33 pm
by macouno
I still don't get that function really... thing is there's lots of settings and a nice explanation of how to get a nice looking image, but I'd much rather know exactly what each setting does explained in simple english.

Same goes for the network rendering... I have 2 windows machines and just now tried to get it to work. And I just can't figure out what you're trying to tell us in the textfile....

I think it's because you're a programmer and you know the ins and outs of this thing far too well ;)

Things like this sentence " - Run iblender2 -D renderd_path on all client machines
(no GUI will be brought up)"

What is -D ?? and what does renderd_path mean on this...

I mean you lost me at the very first sentence in that explanation... "common network share?????"

I'm just a dumbo who somehow got his windoze network to work so that I can move files around and access internet from both machines... I haven't a clue how a network actually works.

Posted: Wed Dec 15, 2004 9:14 pm
by intrr
Well, don´t feel offended, but networking and network rendering is a non-trivial topic, and instinctive-blender is primarily focused at companies which have a system administrator who understands at least the very basics of networking.

If you don´t know what a network share is, the network renderer in instinctive-blender is probably just not for you - and you can try to find another product - there are several other network renderers available, although for ME they don´t offer the things I need.

I am not Blender Foundation, so I cannot provide exhaustive documentation that is understandable by anyone. That´s what official Blender is for ...

But to answer your questions anyway (I´m at a client and he´s on the phone, so who cares, I have a lot of time :)

- "-D" is a commandline option. Read the manual of your shell
to understand how to use them

- what renderd_path means is explained in the same textfile

Oh, client is back!

Posted: Wed Dec 15, 2004 9:50 pm
by macouno
Thanks again intrr for your kind response and I am not offended at all.

And though I like the idea of a true network rendering sytem it's not what I myself need... I currently have BFR2 (blender file renderer 2) installed on my secondary machine. And as long as I make all my "paths" relative to the original file I can use BFR to access files on the primary machine and have the output render to there as well. And that means I can render on 1 machine and keep working on the other. As I'm doing right now actually. So perhaps my current way of working is the best for me in this situation at this time. (sorry I know isn't it boring to hear/read someone explaining about something that really is of no concern to you ;) )

I still think the DOF, or it's tutorial needs a bit of work though... but then maybe someone else (someone that understands it better than me) can write a simple tutorial.

Posted: Wed Dec 15, 2004 10:40 pm
by Carl

About network rendering: I managed to get it working even though I am not that used to these things.
For some reason, it just would not work when I executed the iblender2.exe from the Command Prompt. I still do not know why.
So, what I did was that I made a shortcut to the iblender2.exe to my desktop. There I altered the properties of the shortcut so that the "Target" now reads:
"C:\Program\instinctive-blender2-20041127-win32\iblender2.exe -D R:/"

Then I mapped "R:" to a network shared folder on my other machine. Running the shortcut now starts a command window where Blender says that it is "Listening for jobs on R:/".
So, in order to start a network job, I start up a regular session of iBlender and set the "RenderD:" path in the File Path settings to "R:/". Works very good.

The only problem I have found with the network renderer is if one client is brought down for some reason (computer needs to be turned off or whatever). Then the frame that is currently being rendered on that machine is "lost" and no client renders it. So if that is the case, you will have to manually check the file list or the log in order to spot missing frames.

I really like this version of Blender. So it is only a mild request that I have: It would be very nice with a "exit" function or "pause" or something similar in the network rendering client. :)

Thank you for this Blender branch!

Carl (3D artist wannabee)

Posted: Wed Dec 15, 2004 10:51 pm
by intrr

I have a tight schedule again these days, but what you propose about a 'missing frame detection' sounds good and I will look into a way to manage/implement this.

I'm positively surprised btw that the network renderer does work on windows.

Posted: Wed Dec 15, 2004 11:28 pm
by Carl
So you have not had network rendering tested on Windows? Cool! Fantastic that it works that well! :)

Perhaps the Log file can be parsed by the clients to scan for missing frames? The problem is of course if you have one very slow computer in the "farm" that takes so much time rendering that it is considered as a missing frame. Hmmm. Not an easy problem, it seems.

While we are at it... another nice feature, although not that necessary, is the possibility to "queue" render jobs. As it is now (if I understand it correctly), it is only possible to assign a single job at any time, and no way of queueing jobs.
But, as I said, that is probably a very low-priority feature.

Thanks for your time!


Posted: Wed Dec 15, 2004 11:42 pm
by intrr
Carl: Queueing render jobs is not on my schedule, no... It probably won't be implemented, as I don't ever have more than one render job to do at a time.

In general, quite a lot has happened since the last release,
I should consider another release soon.

EDIT: "a lot" is of course relative. But for 2 weeks since the last release and a one-man developer team, it's possibly enough ;)

Posted: Wed Dec 22, 2004 7:27 pm
by intrr
There has been a little feature update today:


+ Greatly improved editing of font objects in "Flush" mode.

- Lines will not flush until you terminate them by pressing Enter. They will behave
like "Left"-aligned until terminated. This way, you get a much more predictable
and useful editing experience :)

- You can now introduce hard line breaks inside "Flush" font objects. At any point
in the line, press CTRL-Enter instead of just Enter, and the line will break
hard without flushing.


Thus, the following screenshot shows a *single* font object:

I will now go into a feature freeze and wait if everything stays stable, and then do another release shortly. The stuff that accumulated since the last one (various fixes, object groups, Use View for Render) justify it ;)

Posted: Sun Dec 26, 2004 6:57 pm
by intrr
New instinctive-blender build is now available.

Download in the usual place:

(build: 20041226)

For now, only source and linux tarballs. If anyone can build again for the other platforms (IRIX, OSX, Windows), this would be greatly appreciated.

Relevant excerpt from the CHANGELOG:

+ Added a new scene setting "Use Camera" and "Use View", which determines what
is being rendered when pressing F12 or RENDER. In "Use View" mode, the current
3d view will be rendered instead of the camera, unless it is a camera view.

Holding CTRL while pressing F12 or RENDER will also render the current 3d view
even if set to "Use Camera".

ANIM still always renders the camera.

* Added a warning that network rendering does not work with Focus Lag when trying
to render with Render Daemon and Focus Lag

* 3D View (Potatoe mode) and Game-Engine lighting are now compatible and give same results

* Network rendering now works with external data (images, fonts) without the need
to manually pack the file before launching the render

* Potentially fixed compilation with INTERNATIONAL=true, although this is not officially

+ Added theme colors for the Layer Manager: Layer Empty, Layer with objects, Layer with
selected objects

* Network render stats now update correctly without moving the mouse

* Cosmetic change: Put the DOF toggle in the scene buttons somewhere else so it doesn't
"fight" with the Gamma slider from Unified Renderer

* Object names are now always drawn in front of filled faces (to be always visible)

+ Object grouping: Any number of objects can be grouped to create a single manipulatable
(animatable too) object.

Pressing CTRL-G will assign the currently selected objects to a new group and create
a group object for them. Pressing CTRL-G with only group objects selected will launch
a menu with 2 options: Create a new group (groups can be grouped, too!) or dissolve
the currently selected groups.

See docs/ for further information.

+ Added CAPSLOCKKEY as an additional means of toggling the current window between

* ALT-A now by default animates ALL of the following area types: View3D, IPO, Buts, Seq, Sound.
Use SHIFT-ALT-A to animate only the current space.

+ Greatly improved editing of text objects in "Flush" mode.

- Lines will not flush until you terminate them by pressing Enter. They will behave
like "Left"-aligned until terminated. This way, you get a much more predictable
and useful editing experience :)

- You can now introduce hard line breaks inside "Flush" text objects. At any point
in the line, press CTRL-Enter instead of just Enter, and the line will break
hard without flushing.

- NOTE: Text objects are now compatible again to pre-2.26, but *not* compatible with
anything between 2.26 and the last iblender2 build. This is because incompatible
centering code has been introduced in official Blender 2.26 (without any
compatibility code), which has been reverted to the pre-2.26 code in this
instinctive-blender release.

* Improved network rendering, thanks to extensive testing by Marc.

- When the network renderer can't read lastframe, it will retry 5 times until it
considers the job to be cancelled. And more extensive error checking when reading
it. Hopefully this gets rid of the "Render job starts over at frame 1" problem.

- All files and dirs in the renderd dir are now created with 666/777 permissions
on all non-windows systems, which means no worries about correct UID/GID mapping.

* Added a few undo pushes for Layer Manager and Grouping

Posted: Mon Dec 27, 2004 4:43 am
by meestaplu
I'm running iblender2 on Windows 2000, and there is a little mistake that would be good to fix.

It seems that the default video output path is /home/intrr/blender/render . I know that you don't support Instinctive Blender more than a courtesy, but could you use a more common path for public releases? Blender defaults to /tmp/ , but //render/ might be better.


Posted: Mon Dec 27, 2004 11:07 am
by intrr
meestaplu: Yes, I've noticed that after compiling in the .B.blend, and I was too lazy to fix it :)

In the meantime, why not just hit ctrl-u :-)