Would Blender like a free stand at LUGRadio Live 2005?

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Would Blender like a free stand at LUGRadio Live 2005?

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I met some of you at the Blender Conference 2004, and I remember a few brits there.

We are running an event on Sat 25th June 2005 in Wolverhampton called LUGRadio Live (www.lugradio.org/live/2005). The day is based around LUGRadio (www.lugradio.org), a fun an irreverent radio show taking a look at Open Source. The show has been very popular and it called for a community driven event with cool talks from cool people.

Anyway, we have an exhibition space at the event, and I would love to see some of you guys and girls representing Blender at the event. This is of course entirely free, and exhibitors get into the event free. :)

If anyone wants to take part in this, could you contact me at jono AT jonobacon DOT org. I would also be grateful if the Blender community could pass this message on to anyone who may be able to help.

Many thanks,

Jono Bacon

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Post by rcas »

Hey Jono :D

If I lived in England I sure would be there.
I've been following your Blog, so I'm up to date with it.

Good luck with it, hehe, Lot's of Fun I'm sure ....
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