T-Shirt sizes: EU == US?

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T-Shirt sizes: EU == US?

Post by hoek »

Ok, this has nothing to do with blender development, but the e-shop, or, to be more precise, the t-shirts and their sizes.. =)

A friend of me and I are going to run a 2-day blender seminar in our school, and of course we need some t-shirts so people can identify us =)

Now i'd like to ask people from Europe who have bought a t-shirt: are those sizes (XL, L, M) the same as here in Europe/Germany?

I have some other Fruit Of The Loom shirts, all sized "XL", so should i just buy the XL shirt, or are the sizes completely different, like the shoe sizes, for example, which differ on almost every continent?


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in my experience

Post by nik »

I've found that european t-shirts are smaller than n. american t-shirts. just my 2 cents
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Post by osxrules »

Lol, great first post hoek. I think this thread is more suited to the off-topic at Elysiun.com. Anway, I think the t-shirt sizes are bigger in America as with most things. They have to compensate for shortages in other areas ;).

My cousins brought over some XL t-shirts and my mum wears it as a knee length nightie. You could fit two Europeans in it or 15 Japanese.

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