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Blender gameengine plans

Post by erwin »


I hope projects like Girona, Ogre, Crystalblend, Nebula Blender Gameplayers will take off. I offer some assistance in transition from Ketsji. I posted my plans on bf-committers:

"Ton asked me to outline plans of my new game engine contributions.

I haven't spoken to Kester yet, so plans might still change, but roughly I would like to contribute:

- Improving Physics Engine in Ketsji (current game engine)
I don't want to spoil all details yet. Physics abstraction has silently been completed in 3.37. Collision/Physics is called Bullet, see

- Supporting CrystalBlend with Jorrit
Games won't be backwards compatible but it fits with Blender as good as possible

- Transition: Assist in interfacing CrystalBlend with Blender
I think it's best to focus on getting CrystalBlend to the point that it is a reasonable blenderplayer. After that people can start thinking about more tight integration.

I want to make at least one more contribution to Ketsji, before it will be replaced.
UPDATE: Download the windows testbuild 19 july 2005, at ...

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Post by OTO »


you're our original Game Engine Guru
We eat your words! We drink your words!! :)

Besides that, it's nice to see you around!

I don't understand all that "noise" abou top-level game engines for Blender
The actual one it's quite nice, maybe some few more effects ( particles or shadows)
and specially, some more "system" Logic bricks, but it's good enough for most of us
No one around here ( me included) ever made a decent game with Blender, why do they need sophisticated engines
Well, bye and thank you for your efforts

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new developers needed

Post by erwin »

Kester did a really good job keeping the game engine alive. Unfortunately I was too busy in Havok and Sony to do anything serious. However at the moment I got a bit of time, and 'm motivated to support a bit. Especially with Jorrit, Bandoler and a few others willing to support the Blender game side. Although they want to add new engines, in the end it will add new attention and focus on the game side of blender, and that is all that counts. I hope and try to collaborate a bit between initiatives.

If you can, wait for the soon to be released gameblender test build with new Bullet collision and physics. 8)

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Post by pildanovak »

ohoh, good times for the blender engine are coming...

OTO- it's not true that there are no good and playable games done with Blender- and i used blender many times for non-game artistic projects and hit it's limitations many times.(especialy speed, which can be improved only when a new approach is chosen).

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Post by joeri »

As long as there will be logic-bricks in blender you still have your legacy.
Maybe you could help out (re-design) getting that part more hobby friendly?

Multiple material per object.
Better (faster) inter0bject communication.
UberLogic. State engines. (now a logic block is 'locked' to an object, if that could be swapped on the fly...)

etc :)


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Post by fobsta »

Great news. Thanks

I have to confess my unhealthy love for the current game engine! I hope we never loose the albility to press 'P' to start the game engine and see your results instantly.

Exporting to other game engines is a nice addition but I'm guessing it will never be as immediate or as user friendly as the original Blender game engine.

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New testbuild with gameblender 'bullet physics'

Post by erwin » ... er/ErwinC/

very early stages, but perhaps you can enjoy the rigidbody dynamics.

Feedback is welcome in the bullet game blender forum (no registration needed for that forum) ... /index.php

Next steps would be hooking up raycast, game logic callbacks and hopefully dreamkatana's changes ?

Hi Joeri :-)
Good to see you again. Before I dive into the game logic with crystal space, I prefer to get the collision and physics system sorted.
Perhaps you can try it, you tend to give excellent feedback !

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Post by Saluk »

Thank you you guys for putting life back into this project! I appreciate it immensely.

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Post by ElBarto »

Kester did a lot and he did a lot well. Besides the lot of game engines there also a lot of realtime 3d solution that are very interesting because most of them:

- offer a ver y easy interface for programming and interaction like logic bricks of Blender
- have very nice fetures like multitexuring and shadows
- with many of them you can built games and interactive aplications


Virtools ... atures.asp


Director ... /features/


VisX3D (based on the X3D technology)

Blender Feature Proposal:

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Post by erwin »

Those closed source packages are different from the freedom that open source gives us.

And I'm not planning to give up that freedom :)

Hence the plan to encourage collaboration with other open source graphics/game engines, and adding some better physics system to the existing.


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Post by kakapo »

what is bullet? if i understand this correctly it is your continuous collision detection library coupled with ode's linear solver? sounds really great...

from what i heard ode's main problem is poor collision detection. could your work also be a part of ode in the future?

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Post by erwin »

>what is bullet?

>could your work also be a part of ode in the future?
You could add the discrete convex collision detection from Bullet in ODE without any problem.
However to gain benefit from the continuous aspect (time of impact, avoid missing collision etc) a better framework then ODE is needed.
Hence Bullet's dynamics (work in progress).

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