Welcome back website!

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Welcome back website!

Post by ton »

This costed us 2 long days of work... but we're back! :)
The decision to drop postnuke for www.blender.org could only be solved by working on integration of both websites, which is work that will continue during the next weeks.

This week the entire server will be re-installed as well. So we might need to go down for another couple of hours, but then everything should run as smooth as ever.

Thanks for the patience,


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Post by sten »

Thanks for fixing it and good luck with the new tech ;)
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Post by Yfkar »

I liked the previous blender.org news style more. Every news item had a picture with it and they were more clearly separated, making it very easy to spot new items. Now I have to actually read them to see if something's new.

The frontpage seems too crowded for me now with the news and announcements side by side without any clear separation.

Of course, this is mostly a matter of getting used to. I'm eager to see what it looks like when it's finished.

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Post by joeri »

Good work!

I'm also glad to see blender will get one portal again.

Nice bright colors, I love them. Let's see how the structure will pull thruw.

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Post by harkyman »

This is great. Also, a good decision to just move it over now.

How's this better than before? Well, it's a one-stop shop, so less confusion for people who are just cruising by. From a design perspective, great work as well. What's it about? Blender. Your eye then goes to the Gallery bug, jumps up to Downloads and down to Get Involved. After you've scanned the attractive stuff, you see the news/announcements (how're you going to decided which is which?).

Excellent work.

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Post by Kenden »

Congratulations to all those involved, this hasn't been just a little 2 weeks project!

It still needs a little polish but the result of the merge is really nice.
Now we need to get used to the new website!


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Post by SamAdam »

well, i am not sure if the lighter theme of the forum is better. i think some darker icons would help us all, and maybe eliminate the alternating post colors.

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Post by matt_e »

Well, looks like they snuck this in with an old very preliminary WIP design while I'm here in Tokyo, powerless to do anything! It seems there's still a heck of a lot of work to do, design-wise, so expect plenty of updates over the coming weeks. At least this whole hacking/removing postnuke/etc. is a good motivation to actually get it done!

And here I was thinking that I'd be able to get home and spend a few days recovering from jetlag. How naive! :)

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Post by Bellorum »

I like the new design, but - I do think that there should be some sort of image with the news, like Yfkar said earlier. It makes it easier to sort through .
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Post by celeriac »

Well I could say "yeh great! Love the new design!" etc also, but I think the old site was much clearer and made better use of the screen. One thing I never understand is why sites go for a portrait format when all screens these days are landscape if not widescreen. Why not use the screen widthwise (as the old site did) to reduce the need to scroll ? No, much preferred the old style.

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Post by ton »

We just quickly used the old template, it is supposed to become much wider, much cooler, much better. :)

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