is not blender Freeware? (Ebay seller...Grrr)

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is not blender Freeware? (Ebay seller...Grrr)

Post by A2597 » ... =WDVW&rd=1

Selling blender...anything we can do?!?
The man with his head stuck in the Blender.

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Post by mchs3d »

This has come up plenty of times in the last year. No, not really, because, so long as you follow what the GPL says, you can sell Blender for whatever price you want - that is, if you find someone who'll buy it! :lol:

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There is probably a copyright on images used.

Post by shadowman99 »

The images he is using to promote his ebay sale are not his property. He is most likely violating the copyright of whoever created those screencaps.

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Post by M@dcow »

love the way the little bastard has watermarked my screenshot...hahaha!

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Post by lunar snake »

I like that word wartermarked. Watermarked

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Post by nam »

that little camera watermark logo is actually from puts it on pictures u put up on ebay...

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