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Post by harkyman »

Bagration: the MB filter in Virtualdub just does frame averaging. The better motion blur being talked about here is one that applies in post to an image based on a per-pixel motion map generated at render time. Check the link in my post upthread for some simple examples and results. If this technique (sometime called vectoral motion blur) were coupled with Blender's current frame-slicing method, the results would be a marked increase in motion blur quality, with very little cost in speed.

Maybe someone animating on the Orange project should start bugging the coders about this. It's freaking essential to good finished animation.

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Post by N86 »

Actually I'd rather have "true" motion blur.
Depends upon what you mean by "true" Bagration. I wouldn't mind an implementation of vector motion blur for its accuracy combined with speed. But 3D motion blur would just be obscene in render times. Perhaps an implementation of both to appease the masses.

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Re: modeling issues

Post by Yfkar »

thorq wrote:...I didn't see anything related to modeling as a goal for next revolutionary version...
You probably missed the following points: :roll:
-Modifier stack
-Better mesh subdivision
-Sketch based modeling
-Better boolean modeling
-Better Curves and Nurbs
-Half-edge Mesh editing

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yes i did

Post by thorq »

i did see those but i've meant something else like

-doubleclick for adding a vertex on an edge;edge being highlighted when mouse pointer approaches;posibility of moving a vertex along its base edge/curve;subdivide separately for x,y,z axis;posibility of editing a selected face,meaning all the operations will take effect in the face's 2d area-if a plane;extruding along normals;

stuff that makes the workfow easier;
anyway on ... ngFeatures there are lots of suggestions.

sorry if i've missed some more points :wink:

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Post by Wormin8or »

Loving the fluid simulation so far, but will it be able to handle smoke?

Also will we ever get 3d texture support, allowing for the creation of meshes from MRI scans, for example?

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Post by FastEddy »

great work at all!
since 2 years i've been testing many commercial products, and none really satisfied me.
since 2.36 i'm blending again and this new 2.40alpha1 did show me again, why doing this! i'm actually working on an intro for a freeware game, and with blender my work has grown more far than ever before.

once again: great work!

but one special wish i have: i've found this new constraint named "floor", and it will be useful for my work in the nearest future. but i would be happy, if there would come up a better version using a whole mesh as floor, not only an objects center point, so a constrained object could follow the shape of a "rough" floor as well!
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