DrQueue stable 0.62.0 released

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DrQueue stable 0.62.0 released

Post by comadreja »

DrQueue version 0.62.0 stable has been released.

New features include but are not limited to:

* new load balancing algorithm
* more command line tools
* submission time added to job information
* slaves may be enabled or disabled
* a whole job re-run button
* the ability to auto-refresh on all main refreshable windows
* a flag to delete a job when it is finished
* multiple job selection for deletion
* new job window "remembers" previous settings

And of course... lots of bugfixes.

You can donwload sources, debian package and precompiled binaries for Mac OS X and Windows here

The windows version is only for the brave and fearless.

I already have some python bindings with examples in the repository for version 0.63.0 (testing) that will be released the 31st of August. Watch them in this example.

Those of you that would like to start writing DrQueue python scripts can start doing it now. Just get the sources from https://ssl.drqueue.org/svn

Thanks !


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Post by 2d23d »

Thanx for this one...running nicely (though i havent tested hard yet). 0.59 running on 16 nodes at the university for a while now without problems, too...
there is a thread with people asking for a presentation about setting up renderfarms for blender at the BC, so i`ll point them here...

Thanx again

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