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Supporting Blender

Post by Drahcir »

I've been using Blender for a few days ago and have much improved from when I first started. I would like to buy something from the e-store to support the foundation and to help me learn Blender some more. I can't make up my mind about project Orange or the guidebook.

Blender 2.4 seems to be just around the corner and it already seems that the current guidebook is outdated. So I'll think I'll wait until the 2.4 edition comes out.

I've been watching the progress of project Orange a lot recently. A open movie seems like a great idea. I've read that the DVD comes with all the content that was used to create movie. Do you think it's possible to improve just by studying the .blend files? It also seems quite small being only nine to twelve minutes long. Well I know that it isn't being created by Pixar or anything, but does anybody know what will be the total footage time will be on the DVD?

While I'm here, would there be another way to pay? All the options available, I can't really use. Is there any plans for the E-shop to support credit card but without a PayPal account?


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Post by Arathorn »

I don't believe there will be a 2.4 book. At least not anytime soon.

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Post by wavk »

I'd go for the Guide. If you just started learning, you don't want to wait more than six months for the DVD to be finished.

I think studying .blend files can be of great value. It's always interesting to see how other people work.

To pay, you could use international wire transfer. All banks are able to do that.

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Post by joeri »

The total footage is still unknown.
Not only is the length of the movie flexible, there will be lots of extras, like a 'making of video' and a special feature on the pre-orders, which are unknown on length at this moment.
Length of extra video material will also depend on actual diskspace of the asset material.
Currently it looks like it will be 2 double layer discs, making a total of 18Gb of open content.

We want to make sure the movie is in the best possible video quality and that as much as possible of the source files is on the disc(s).

In my opinion you should go for the manual if you want to learn how to start in 3d. And go for Orange if you want to support the foundation.
Maybe soon there will be training dvd's too.

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Post by gabio »

Arathorn wrote:I don't believe there will be a 2.4 book. At least not anytime soon.
It's in the agenda though, for after 2.4 release.

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