Blender Build-in Physics based Animation (IPO)

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Blender Build-in Physics based Animation (IPO)

Post by erwin »

This is a new Bullet rigidbody dynamics Blender build, with a new feature that allows for physics based animation, baking game physics into animation curves (ipo). ...

See the included blend file for explanation.
Basically this is a build-in version, so it doesn not require a python script (game2ipo). It has the option to automatically remove the animation ipo's.

Here is the resulting animation, use <ALT>-A to play: ...
This one should load/work on all platforms, as it is just an animation.

Feedback welcome, positive in the forums, negative over email ;-)

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Post by poutsa »

baking game physics into animation curves (ipo) are very Usefull.
is this Integrated into the new 2.40 Blender Version and the Bullet Physics?
I used before the IPO Burner Python Scripts by guitarGeek to do this!


Vassilios Boucer

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Post by wavk »

Yesterday fluid sim, today physics baking, how am I supposed to get some work done :D Ah I guess I'll be booking some hours to "research" ;) Next release is going to rock!

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Looks good

Post by bfvietnam »

But I was not able to get this to work with Blender 2.37a, I suspect
this will be in the new blender, is what you are saying..

Looks good, especially being able to have standalone demos as well,
I'm looking forward to the return of blender as a web plugin,
Firefox needs one badly.

I think being able to save IPO paths for objects with the physics engine
will make it invaluable for physics based demonstrations, if not live with
a plugin, with animated movies.

I remember in a game tutorial for blender there was a tactic in a skiing game
to drop the pylons on the hill and set those as the coordinates as initial
placement.. I think there should be more cross polination between
blender and game blender like this.

Now all we need is a way to reduce the keyframes in the curves by using
some sort of curve fitting algorithm, so that once you are finished with
making the IPO you can control the IPO data afterward.. I don't know how hard a problem this is, but I figure there is some work on it, say to make
baking mocap data easier to manipulate.

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Post by levon »

this is great erwin, specialy as it looks like the ODE google summer of code project isnt going to be finished, the only thing i would add is maybe the possibility to select what objects ipos are writen, rather then doing it globably.

great work ;)

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