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blender in the media: "Mac Up" and "Digital P

Posted: Wed Sep 07, 2005 8:47 pm
by solmax
I was quite pleased to see blenders growing publicity: first it was a main software feature on a recent MAC UP magazine (i hope i don't mix it up with another magazine i read;) ). and just the other day i bought the german magazine "Digital Production", which usually delas with high end CG and video production (tools) - and mow blender. the author (".. an active memeber in the blender community..") gets 7 points out of ten for the story, because he somehow missed to transport the extremely good spirit which i currently witness (we had some of the biggest changes over this summer - when i look at the modifier stack, at the softbodies, the upcoming fluid system and the new animation system, i feel extremely excited). and (but this was only half of a point) the blender colour scheme was a bit to green for ma taste ;)

no offense - i was happy blender made it so far. hope to see more in the future.