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Post by pinhead_66 »


google gave out 'summer of code' results. a lot of the links on their page point to pages in the wiki wich is down.

maybe it would be a good idea to contact google to adjust the links to where the information is.

people looking up stuff otherwise might get dissapointed


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Post by ysvry »

right getting asked for logins and pages not found pisses me off and waste my time. were can i get edit rights for the new wiki?

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Post by LetterRip »

create an account on

I think we give automatic rights now (or will shortly)

if you don't have rights automatically, stop into


and request edit rights


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Re: Find something

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Post by AndyD »

I've long been intrigued by the wiki and maybe it's time I added a few thoughts in places that seem lacking in content. I'm no expert but there are things I feel I can contribute.

So, how does it all work? I sign up, find a page to edit, press edit - then what? What actually happens past that point? (I haven't registered yet). Does my addition go to a moderator/editor for scrutiny? How long does it take to appear on the wiki?
Andy D

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Post by LetterRip »

Your change appears instantly, and a log of what page was changed, by who, when and how is made. The community can then check what your changes were and edit them further or leave them alone.


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