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Post by NateTG »

:arrow: http://www.3dgroove.com

anyone seen the online games here? They're pretty good. :shock: I think we need to get some online blender content of this calibre out there. Unfortunately, I've never used the blender game engine. But I think im gonna try.

Is this beyond the scope of GameBlender?

any thoughts? :?


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Post by ton »

Well, it was the target of (game)Blender. :-)
I think some of the public available demos we have show the potential of it, check the alleyfighter at http://www.blender3d.org/3DInAction/gal ... alones.php for example.

However, if and how we're going to compete with that in the future depends at the input we get from the development community. Doing interactive 3d editing in a 3d software package is very hard you know...

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