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Post by poutsa »

Link to DANCE:Dynamic Animation and Control and Environtment.

Ari Shapiro wrote:

Regarding combining DANCE with Blender, of course this is possible. There
is overlap between some features, but DANCE is mostly geared towards
simulation (kinematic and dynamic), while Blender has a lot of
functionality for modeling. It would be nice to be able to tap into the
Blender community.

However, it always takes a lot of work to integrate one program within
another, particularly if the program is well-integrated. At the moment,
the best interface between the two is that DANCE can import and export
motion capture files, which Blender can read and write.

For the next six months, I will be working on my dissertation, so I will
have little time for anything else. If anyone is interested in such a
project, I can surely offer some guidance and help, but will be unable to
do so myself.


Ari Shapiro

Ari Shapiro, Ph.D. Candidate
Department of Computer Science
University of California, Los Angeles

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Post by GreyBeard »

It doesn't appear to be open source -- You have to register to download etc. Do you have any idea what licence it is distributed under? There is also no mention of what operating system(s) it runs under -- I'm guessing windows. Does it use opengl or directx? Is the source downloadable?


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Post by LetterRip »

I checked it is a non-commercial use only so pretty useless to us.


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