Blender for realtime simulation game ( Though requirements )

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Which of the requirements above seems the thoughest to achieve with blender ?

1. Multitexturing
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2. Blind Data Editor
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3. Scene tree editor/viewer
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4. Custom GUI
5. Custom OpenGL Window in Blender
6. Hiding items in GUI
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7. Static shadows
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Blender for realtime simulation game ( Though requirements )

Post by mderdem » Thu Jan 09, 2003 3:20 pm


I have been looking into blender for several hours now, and I am totally impressed by the speed and ease of use ( not joking here ).

I am looking for a modeling software which I can use to build 3d models such as aircraft and towns. I have looked into Maya till now but Blender seems like a better decision if I can get positive answers to my questions. Here are they.

I am aware that Blender being opensource, almost everything including the kitchen sink can be put in. However it is great if these features are already in.

1. Is it possible to specify multitexturing in blender ( texture layers ) ? If so, is it WYSIWYG in textured-shaded view ?

2. Is it possible to add textual data to a node ? Imagine that I would like to specify that a part of a model has a friction value of 0.5 and another part has 1.1. ( The blind data editor concept in Maya )

3. Is it possible to group nodes so that the model is organized in a scenegraph tree ? If so does Blender has a scenegraph tree editor for this purpose ?

4. How can I add a new GUI window to blender so that I can introduce additional features ?

5. Is it possible to get access to an Blender window and render my own OpenGL application into that window ? Imagine that I have a game engine and I would like to build a model and see how it looks easily.

6. Is it possible to hide some GUI items in Blender ? Some of my modelers are pretty new to modeling and I want to hide the non-realtime features ( e.g non-opengl parameters of a material )

7. Is it possible to render a scene and get the image on a plane as a texture ? Image a quake level, I would like to place the lambs and then get the lit image on the walls as different textures. This is for static shadows in the level.

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Post by aoe2bug » Thu Jan 09, 2003 9:43 pm

1. Yes, and WHAT?
4. Yes.

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Post by kflich » Fri Jan 10, 2003 12:04 am

I'll try to add some more answers from what i know (and expand the previos post) :

1. it splits to two : if u wanna render something, materials have layers of textures (max 8 layers) and it is possible to preview them in textured mode, though you only get a clear view if your model is detailed. if you make a game model, you can only map one texture with uv coords and then u can preview it more clearly.

2. you can assign several diffrent materials to an object and assign diffrent friction values to it (never tried it before).

3. blender has a scene editor, however, groping is not well supported (atleast for my taste).

4. u can add a new GUI via the script window using python scripts.

5. never heard of such a thing.

6. i guess now that the sorce is open u can pretty much do what u like with the interface - though take to consideration the fact that the non-realtime functions in blender are integrated with the realtime ones. cant u just tell your modelers not to touch anthing they dont know - would be a lot better than reprogramming blender ...

7. as was said before - simply yes.

well, u asked a lot of detailed questions and but im didnt understood some part you said before - you have the capability to consider the use of maya but blender seems like a better choise ?! (i can see angry replys on this ...)
don't get me wrong, im all for blender and the workflow is one of the best i ever seen, but in this stage of development, if you seek results that can be used in profesional work (in the realtime section anyway), i would stick with the mainstream.

oh, and where do one finds modelers that are new to modeling ???

anyway, hope i helped some, dont take the last line to seriusly (: good luck with the project.

i think im done. not bad for a second post. should try and make more of these ... hmmm ...

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Blender Over Maya

Post by mderdem » Fri Jan 10, 2003 4:07 pm

I understand your point about Maya being better then Blender ( at least for now ).

However I see some advantages in blender.

1. Opensource and python. Extreme extendibility.

2. Costless. A great advantage in 2-5 year time frame.

2. License-less. Can run on any computer without licensing problems. Saves a lot of trouble and time in a 2-5 year time.

3. Contains less functionality to avoid. From my point I am not interested in fur and clothing for my game modeling. It is yet another stone on my way. There are hundres of things like this in maya.

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Post by mderdem » Fri Jan 10, 2003 4:15 pm

So, as far as I understand.

1. Multitexturing, exists except there is a problem with crips rendering of texture. How can I force blender to render the texture as high quality as possible without reducing quality ?

2. Blind data. This seems possible in
Realtime Buttons.addProperty.

3. Scene hierarchy editor/viewer seems to missing critical functionality.

4. Custom GUI in blender. Seems possible. But does someone have a link to a demo showing adding GUI with python.

5. Rendering into a custom Blender window. Doesn't known to be possible.

6. N/A. Requires mod. to source code.

7. Rendering images as textures for game levels. Seems to exists. I am looking for a demo. Anybody knows one ?

Thanks to all who answered.

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Post by kflich » Fri Jan 10, 2003 7:58 pm

if you use a game engine that already exsit in the market (like quake or unreal) youre better of using gMAX - its a cut down 3dsMAX for creating game content for already exsiting game engiens, and i think u can pay them to make gMAX to fit to youre own game engine. but you stated some advanteges that i did not take into consideration.

and to corect one thing again - multitexturing is not avalible for the realtime engine, just for rendering.

another thing, about the custum gui, here's a script for making unwarp uv maps (good for realtime mapping) that has an interface. its just one example :

i know there is some more extensive WIP on a diffrente interface for the material editor, search the forums here, it looks promising.

if you want more detailed information i suggest you enter the #gameblender on irc.openprojects there are many good people there who could help u on questions in he realtime field of blender. #blenderchat is for more general blender users.

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