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Blender FAQ

Post by Jax »

Hello all,

I'm new to blender (downloaded it since the post on /.) and am looking for answers to my questions. I found a couple of small FAQ's about the usage of blender but everything is quite incomplete and scattered around. As this is the place where all information should be centralized it would be nice to have a FAQ maintained here (about blender usage, not about the site as there is allready something like that).

I'll also quickly post my unresolved question in the hope that someone might answer it rapidly.

When creating a game and viewing it in OpenGL or shaded Draw Mode, when I play it all I get is a gray background with white objects. The game isn't rendered properly when playing it. So the question is: 'How can I play a rendered game?'.


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Post by idefix »

Hi and welcome to blender!

Games in blender are not rendered like other animations but this is done realtime through the gameengine.
To be able to see textures on your game-objects, you have to assign UV-textures to them or paint them in the face-select mode.
To find out how to uv-texture, check out the Q&A- or the realtime-forum over at


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Try the Blender knowledgebase

Post by B@rt »


you can give a try - there's a good chance it has the answers for you.



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Re: Try the Blender knowledgebase

Post by _florian_ »

hi all

why not link the vrotvrot page CLEARLY on the frontpage?
there are really good things for blender users.
and if users come from /. and wondering if is a user page
linking them against elysiun?

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