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The Old Community

Post by gsusfreek »

I was wondering, will the blender community ever be restored to the way it was with NaN? It was handy to go to the community and be able to see new tutorials, community journals, etc. If there's no more community area of that sort, will there ever be any more community journals? Thanx!

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Post by matt_e »

As it is right now, the Blender Foundation simply doesn't have enough resources to be able to run the community services as they were before with NaN. Not to worry though, because that role has been pretty much taken by There have been a few community journals there since NaN's shutdown. As for new tutorials, all that needs is for someone to write them, I guess. There hve been a few user-written tutorials posted in the forums of over the past few months.

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All the stuff and more...

Post by Schlops »


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Post by Goofster »

hmmm, that evil smiley should be banned from here :)
I'm not the one to "make" another CJ. I need content. so if you feel like writing something, that's the best way to kickstart a CJ :)


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Post by joeri »

So what about somebody (php sql freak) write some open CJ thingy?
Peops write articles, send in pictures, etc. And then some editorial peops say yeah and nay to submitted articles and "release" a CJ every 2 weeks?

cool idea huh?


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