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flash exporting

Posted: Wed Jan 22, 2003 10:11 am
by stephenmonro
Are there plans yet for exporting to flash .swf files?

I've thought about how this could work, by taking a shot of each rendered 3d frame, and storing it as a vector file, then combining it as a sequence to a flash file...

I don't know how or if this would really work, but you could still get vector/flash animation...

The other thing was, are there plans as yet for blender to incorporate ray tracing?

The topics may have already been once discussed, but I am once again checking out blender, so they may already be on the table...


Posted: Wed Jan 22, 2003 12:10 pm
by Skelet
Maybe you allready know...
There is one posibility for me to use blender in flash. I'm using swift 3d
I actualy dont remember but I' think it supports dfx to. Anyway if not, just convert dfx to 3ds, that's all