Bug/annoying thing (is this the right forum?)

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Bug/annoying thing (is this the right forum?)

Post by NateTG »

I don't know which forum this goes in, and I suspect it is not this one. Sorry.

I am running blender on win98 and I am really annoyed, because sometimes when I render (using F12 key), the render window doesn't show up, even though it is rendering (I can see in the top status bar thing.) Then I have to wait until the "render" is finished before I can render it again, because it won't let me cancel. When I have a large render, this is very annoying, because I can't see what is happening until the very end (with the F11 key) and sometimes that doesn't work either.

anyone else experience this problem? It happens in both BP 2.25 and funblender but not 2.23

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Post by joeri »

b2.25 has a new window handling system, which can do some new stuff like moving and zooming on the image. But alas has some bugs too, like making rendering slow, and some other nifty gfx board related problems.

We have to wait on 'ghost' developments for improvements on this part.


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Post by Mats78 »

Never happened to me (?). You could post some system specs, maybe someone could help you that way. Blender crashes every now and then, but I think it very seldom completely "locks up" (<- or should lock up =)).

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Post by NateTG »

256MB ram
ATI rage 128 32MB gfx card

same thing happens at school
256MB ram
? gfx card (I think GeForce something)

its not really a BIG problem, but it is really annoying

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Post by snowy_duck »

how did u find out your mhz? i need to know mine

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Post by rillopy »

Snowy, it depends on your OS, but for the more recent ones:
Right click on My Computer, hit Properties. This works on XP for sure...


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