Advanced fluid dynamics

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Advanced fluid dynamics

Post by thyle01 »

Increase the fluid dynamics performance I recommend a site,
it is also GNU software

It's solver features:

’Basic’ CFD
Incompressible flows
Compressible flows
Multiphase flows
Heat transfer
Solid dynamics

Maybe the next fluid system developement in blender.

Thanks for reading, and good work.

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Post by Toon_Scheur »

It seams to have more possibilities than Elbeem. But how and who could integrate it in Blender? It's very reasuring though that even high end fluid dynamics has penetrated into the Open Source domain.

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Post by ZanQdo »

mm I don´t see any nice sreenshots or vids so I´m not impressed, elbeen is incredible good right now on cvs :-D
:-) Hosting for your test builds:

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Post by n_t »


I never used OpenCFD but it sounds pretty good! It's more targeted towards engineering applications, though - so you'll probably have trouble making "cool" animations even if you have things like combustion&heat transfer... But it would definitely be interesting to e.g. compare some elbeem setups with results from OpenCFD.

Regards, -> Nils

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