new and confused. :[

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new and confused. :[

Post by rokman »

Ok, Im rokman. hello. I am wanting to become a director when I graduate from SMU. And, so i was thinking about an hour ago "ok, so if i want to make movies Ill need to take a step farther than just writing scripts" so i googled for some cheap/free 3d programs to use for animating and/or a storyboard. So, i find blender. Im like free?! holy shnike!! obvious best choice. So, i get it download it. open it up and im like o__o?

SO, if someone could point me in the right direction to find a help guide or something. I dont want to go psycho and have like totally rendered animated stuff like shrek going on. for right now, i just want shperes as heads and cubes as bodies, walking around and stuff.

thanks for your time.

/edit - oh and, im only 16 right now. graduating highschool next year, and going to SMU the following year... :]

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Post by teachtech »

Here's a manual you can download that I use in my high school classes. Good luck!

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go to

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IM/Yahoo/MSN me at: fonz2591
or email at

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Post by Toon_Scheur »

You should realy download the video tutorials too (also in the link above) to get you up to speed.
Don't get inteminated though, once you play around with it, it will make a lot of sense. Also the newest release of Blender have stuff that is more in your field: compositing nodes.

Check out too to see what Blender is capable of.

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Post by Marianne »

you talked about making a square character walk around... reminds me of this tutorial: ... /ch04.html

not exactly up to date but helped me a lot

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