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Future of Blender

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:shock: Hello everyone!!

Well I am so impressed by the development of Blender that I really fear for his future...It's simply too good for real.
I'ts a true that Maya,Max,LW and the others BiG 3DApp (BIG=$$$) every year invest more money in marketing than in research, and for that reason (among others) they are so spread and considered a "standard" for 3d applications.

Blender is different, and for that reason i love it.
If i could i would send money for the research, but for good or bad :( :lol: I'm a simple Computer's Science student in Cuba, and I have a goal: programming for Blender, I'll put my neurons at BF services,and I'm very proud of doing that, i'ts the least i could do.
I want to contribute a bit to extend the boundary of Blender's capabilities beyond of reality (well i'm dreaming again...)

But i have a limitations, i have not regular access to internet and no mention fasts download, so a couple of days in a month i could download some Megas of blender codes, tutorials or programming docs.
If someone could help me sending anything related with blender
(this is the hard thing) by standard mail i'll could get involve faster in development, I really want to do it, so is ok if you could'nt.
I'll find my way because this is my dream
anyway thank you a lot.

If someone could tell Ton and Big Blender team that i really want to congratulate and thank them.

this is my email:
(Note:I only could read, because my mail have not international output)

and my direction:

Raul Fernandez Hernandez
Cra central Km 91 #43
Rto La Conchita
Pinar del Rio

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