Help me help you (Wikipedia and 3D)

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Help me help you (Wikipedia and 3D)

Post by tiemann »

I have followed the Wikipedia process of posting a new proposal to a location they call "The Village Pump". Here's my proposal:

As you can see, it's a proposal to use COLLADA as the standard interchange format for 3D data on the wikipedia. It seems particularly urgent to me because they have an explanation of a unit cube without a downloadable 3d cube model!! How broken is that?

In any event, I posted this over in the policy section last week and it drew zero comments, while other proposals about what color to make links, etc., were getting looked at.

If you are a wikipedia/wikimedia user, and think that it would be cool to augment the Wikipedia with 3D models, please make your voices heard. If there are enough voices, then all they need to do is to whitelist the .dae format.

Help me help you.


Michael Tiemann

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Post by ton »

I fully support that!

Some background for those who don't know;

Khronos is a very cool consortium supporting open standards for computer graphics (including OpenGL ES). They've adopted Collada as well. Blender already has pretty decent Collada 3d model im/export, which is now being extended with animation support as part of a 'summer of code' project.

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Post by kAinStein »

Yep. Seems a good idea!

Though I've got a question: Is it somehow planned not only to have downloadable data but also to have fully integrated interactive web3D via X3D or VRML - for example for better explanation and the like. That would also be a big step in the direction of interactive or digital education. Wouldn't this also fit into the aims of the Blender foundation (though there already are some different projects that are not that Blender related, I know)?

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Post by wavk »

I just added my two cents at your proposal. There was a lot of buzz abouut COLLADA at siggraph and I think it has a great future with the Kronos group doing a good job. Wikipedia acceptance would be a great push. And as you said, some articles just scream for a 3d model.

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