Haunt_house needs help to get to the conference

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Haunt_house needs help to get to the conference

Post by Haunt_House » Mon Oct 09, 2006 7:11 pm

Hello blenderheads

It finally happened. It's around time to go to the blender conference and I'm totally broke. I have been at every conference since the blender sources opened and although I appear to be a more quiet member of the blender community, the conference is very important to me.

So I need help getting to the conference
and a place where I can sleep safely
(I can teach blender in exchange)

(anything will do, as long as it's free of huge spiders and rats). I'm housebroken and a nonsmoker.

My usual expenses for the whole trip are around 220 euro (the cheapest version I could find), but I don't have that amount of money atm).

And if I have to hitchhike there and sleep outside in Amsterdam, I just have no choice. Yes, I am well aware that this would be risky in many ways.

Haunt_House (Suzanne Award Winner for best character animation 2005)

(payed work is of course one way to help me)

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