Alpha shadows test - bug

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Alpha shadows test - bug

Post by karpena »

Hello, community.

I opened the thread on about this, you can read it in details here:
In short - it seems like a bug in casting shadow through number of alpha-mapped planes of one mesh.
Here are two screens:
1. ZTransp is set to off and shadow is OK
2. ZTransp is set to on and shadow has weird light areas
If this is not a bug, then could someone explain this?
Here is test .blend for your tests if any:

Thank you for any feedback.
Sorry if this is not right place for such post, but i cant find appropriate forum for "Bug-reports".

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Post by jedrzej_s »

Here is Bug tracker: ... 9&atid=125

You should post this there.

P.S. You also should write which Blender version used.


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