Caustics in Blender Internal (Revisited)

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Caustics in Blender Internal (Revisited)

Post by etr9j » Fri Nov 03, 2006 8:21 pm

Before I ask let me state some qualifiers about this topic:

1) I am a programming moron, so I don't know the effort this takes to accomplish.
2) I am sure there are many many many other projects that require developer attention that are of higher priority.
3) This is in no way a complaint. I love Blender and the direction it's gone and is going in. I was just thinking about this the other day and thought I would ask.

Okay, I can start :)

I've done a few searches in the dev forums and BA and I've seen some minor chatter about caustics in Blender, which invariably end with a post stating that YafRay (or Sunflow, or Kerkythea, etc.) has caustics. I was curious if adding caustics to the Blender Internal has come up again amongst the devs since the advent of nodes has started to push a lot of the other renderers that have caustics aside (since we can't utilize them in nodes without using an other renderer generated image in the compositor). The upcoming Render API might allow other renderers to get incorporated into nodes but there is no guarantee that the other renderers will do it. Thoughts anyone (i.e. devs)?

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