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Compositing like no other

Posted: Wed Nov 15, 2006 11:31 am
by AkhIL ...

I just has look this great proffesional compositing showreel and remember my Shake experience. Unfortunately I can't do same compositing in blender easily as I can do in Shake. And I think getting same workflow in blender will take years.

But render is not shake! Blender have 3D modeling and animation workflow. Using 3D possibilities in composition will make blender compositing like no other and very powerfull. Let me explain what I mean.

Most compositors have transform widgets which makes image layer tranformation easy. Blender's move, rotate and scale nodes not so usefull when you need fine placing and animation. But you can easy make it in 3D scene. Yust make a plane and put image as texture.

Next thing is interactive preview. Rendering takes to much time if you'll use textured planes with blender internal renderer. Actualy for this propose you doesn't need full lighting and shading. You just need to transform image from 3D space to screen space. You can get Object->Screen matrix and apply it to image. It will be faster then full rendering process. You can just add new rendering engine specialy for this propose. Even hardware rendering engine.

For good compositing you need to use masks. In shake masks can be smooth. You just drow inner and aouter shape and shake makes nice gradient filling between two splanes. Why not to make same masks in blender. Masks may be animated and located in 3d scene like images above and rendered with same light renderer. Once again masks can be done in object space and then tranlated to camera space or vice versa.

For easy workflow mask and image plane editing must be acessable from compositing screen. Even in same vewport with compositing preview.

For animation you need to make automaticaly rerender when frame is chenged. For animation preview you can make cache with free cache button just like in sequencer.

To encrease power of blender compositor you need to add tracking engine. Just imagine. You get fotage with camera follows some man. Then you track camera motion and make mask which separates man from background. You doesn't need to fallow every camera movements in your mask because your mask not in camera but in world space. Then you get some background image from stock and place it just as plane in worldspace. Final color node adjusments and done! You're just chaged backgrond in your live fotage.

Execky same way for compositing fotages rendered in blender. Instead of camera tracking you can reuse your camera. And then use image planes as bilboards to put extra detail in your render by using scene geomery as reference.

Ond one thing. To make compositor extensible you need to make node plug-in ALI. Coding new nodes in blender sources is not elegant way.

Hope blender's compositor soon will much more powerful then comercial compositors as it is in modeling and animation parts.

Blender have own way like no other!

Posted: Wed Nov 15, 2006 12:25 pm
by AkhIL
one more thing.

image plane (billboard) cab be node which have image input and output. It cam just take object->screen matrix from bilboard object in 3d scene and aply it for input image. This way much more simpler then adding new rendering engine.

in any case billboard object must have nice image preview in opengl shading with image sequence support.