How to?: env reflection reflect relative to cam movement

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How to?: env reflection reflect relative to cam movement

Post by nanobrain »

I am working around raytracing for faster reflections. So, I have a floor plain, an empty under the plane, and a the camera above the plane above the empty. So, the reflection works, but it does not change its image to reflect a new angle of reflection when the camera moves. I have the empty moving and rotating relative to the camera. But, the reflected image from the reflective plane stays the same. It shows one angle of reflection of the object in the scene. Have any tips?
I'll take a couple of snapshots for you if need be.

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Post by z3r0_d »

1) the empty doesn't need to rotate
2) the empty needs to stay at the same distance [but in the other direction] across the plane relative to the camera
3) you need anim turned on for the envmap. it should be obvious when you watch it render if the envmap is being rendered each frame like it sounds like you need.

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