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camera angled normal

Post by ekakiyas »

I really want "camera angled normal"!!

It helps enhance fresnel effect and toon-line effect with material node system.

Treat UV base tangent vector in node will useful,too.

I also want Z-test in Material node and Output Z-buffer(as color and alpha) features..
It'll be good for fake 3D textures and volume effects.


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Re: camera angled normal

Post by Yadovit »

Fast preview (rendered) with use video accelerator.

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Post by arklight »

broken wrote:
That's not a bad idea, yes. As a workaround, you can group nodes, which gets saved in the .blend file, and you can then later append into another file, or add again with Add->Group in the node editor. You could possibly just group your curves node and re-add it each time.


HSV (Hue Saturation Value) in particular.
This would be nice too, not too sure on the implementation, would be good to think about it.


we are on a curves bender in the virtualdub forum,
this is what i'm talking about...

http://forums.virtualdub.org/index.php? ... cca80450d8

HSV curves and CMYK especially, Lab wouldn't hurt...


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Architectural Rendering Features

Post by somar »

I would like to see more architectural rendering features. It would be great to have some way to form realistic roof tiles from a textured flat roof plane. Something so that you could adjust parameter for the depth of deformation similar to bump maps but specifically for architecture rendering elements that are hard to draw or very memory intensive like roof tiles.

Surely this can be done and would give a unique new feature to Blender for house rendering or any commercial rendering projects that have clay tile roofs

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Post by harmonic »

For me woud be great a DirectX10 - X11 GPU acceleration
for True Rendering & FX / Particles & Dynamics

Some GPU hardware example:



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4FY75Gw ... re=related

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZgoDypGM ... re=related

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-yxnETZ6 ... re=related


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkgYret8 ... re=related


Also useful GPU volumetric lights, GPU stocastic and GPU deep of field.

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Post by jesterKing »

harmonic wrote:For me woud be great a DirectX10 - X11 GPU acceleration
for True Rendering & FX / Particles & Dynamics
Blender is an OpenGL application...


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Post by harmonic »

Sin because OpenGL doesn't manage particle system fx...

However "Hardware Rendering" perhaps is also possible with OpenGl Libraries.

This great soft. is an example: http://area.autodesk.com/mudbox_preview :shock: :wink:

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Post by tsgfilmwerks »

The Apricot GLSL implementation of normal maps instead of the incomplete renderer's.

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Post by unruelysock »

a just make every thing ok button.....

you press it and it reads your mind, sets all the settings and renders.

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render/material improvements

Post by 247WKMAN2 »

RENDER: Edge line needs angle tolerance controls or options to allow lines to show on models within its silhouette (so fingers and toes and features get defined more- perhaps even be sensitive to work with bump/normal maps for things link normal mapped fingernails and such. (blenders toon shade is too good to be let down by a simple line silhouette line.

MATERIAL: ability to input images instead of plain colors into the ramp shader (this would enable you to create holographic card effects, or if you put your material to shadeless you could created separate light/shadow textures- kind of getting at that it could be made to work like the falloff filter in 3ds max!

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Post by Quicky »

Getting it to work on laptops e.g. latitude D830 without spending days and days trying to figure out workrounds for all the errors it throws up.

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Post by jesterKing »

Quicky wrote:Getting it to work on laptops e.g. latitude D830 without spending days and days trying to figure out workrounds for all the errors it throws up.
Blender works just fine on laptops. Check your drivers and play with graphics settings. Do some searches on this and blenderartists.org forums for information and instructions as to what and how to do things.


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Post by vbob »

1) I would like something simple but very important in mechanical or architectural designs.

I would like, except from the feature to "see what is the length, the angle, etc" of my edges, to be able to "define" those numbers myself
For example: Lets assume that we have a topographic design of a field. And I want to design it in blender, so later I can put inside the field a machine and demontrate it in 3D. I want accuracy too, not only artistic demonstration. (of course we have accuracy when we know the edge length, angle, etc, but it would be a superb extra feature if we could "define" by hand those parameters too)
So I begin to create a "2d polygon" (plane like model with more than 4 vertices) and I want to define each edge as in the topographic scematic from autocad. If i could define the angles and the edges length "by hand", then there would be no need to "import" the scematic from Autocad and I would be "Autocad free" (I would not need Autocad at all). This makes blender independent from autocad for basic designs. (Of cource this feature could be used in mechanical desighns too).
So, instead of only showing the adge length and angles (etc), how about add a feature that we could define them too? (numerical define I mean).
(i.e. select an edge and in the corect field in blender define a number that is the length of the edge instead of selecting a vertice and trying to allighn it in space to set the corect length)

2) How about some basic Audio Editing (fade in , fade out) in VSE?

3) What if we could use the VSE output result in Node editor. (if I am not wrong, now we have to save our output edited video first and then import it in Node Editor as an external file).

4) What if we could have "Camera Lens Presets"? (I mean real camera lens presets with representable setings of real camcorder or camera models, etc)

5) What if we could define the primitive's objects parameters (so we don't need to delete and re-create each time we want to change a parameter)

6) How about having better ways and be able to create easy more realistic Smoke, Clounds, Fire, etc (volumetric).

I hope that I say logical stuf in my post and not already existing stuff that just I haven't discover yet or stuf that can't be develop, or something. :-)

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Post by _BigWings_ »

As a professional games developer I would like to see a 'quality' renderer that can bake to a lightmap inside of Blender. I know the internal renderer can do it but, if I am not mistaken, this renderer does not take the bouncing of photons etc into account.

I would like to use this stuff for lightmaps in games.

Also, it would be cool if there was a way to adjust each pixel value before it gets written to a texture. In the case of lightmaps, the renderer might have full 32 bits floating point brightness values that get truncated to fit them in the 8 bits per color channel of a normal image. I would like to be able to tell the renderer exactly how it should scale down/truncate these values.

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"fake" depth

Post by Dream forgotten »

I dont know EXACTLY what it is, but I heard my brother talking about takeing a flat plane, and adding 'tags' to certain spots, than when it renders it would make shadows there.

Again I dont know what its called and I dont understand it all the way, but it could help with making several things, as well as cutting down on verex count :)

p.s. if i sound like a moron, please just ignor me :P

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