Render to texture not more than 512 ?

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Render to texture not more than 512 ?

Post by JumboJuno »

Hi people :D

I've used the new Blender features Render To Texture
for real time game purpose.
But the problem is that i haven't succed in baking
normal maps or complete baking
in a picture sized more to 512 or 256 ?

Is there any option to tell Blender to render in 1024 or moer defintion.
I hope it will not render 512 definition onto a 1024 defitnion and really
bake in 1024 and moer if i ask ?

Thanks in advance if someone find the solution or experimented same problem.

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Post by olivs »

You should seek support from, would be a better place for getting answers. First of all, unwrap your model or calculate it's UV (the UV should appear in the UV/Image Editor). Then Add a new image: Image > New... a floatting panel appears, letting you to specify any image size. It appears black. Then Bake your texture... Should really work.

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