[Request]Changing Edge Thickness

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[Request]Changing Edge Thickness

Post by LazyCoder »

Ya know the edge thing? You can't change the thickness of it! Can somebody please make it so you can change the edge thickness? To me it seems like it wouldn't be all that difficult.

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Post by ronin@org »

I second that request.

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Post by TheProducer »

I third that request.

Blender can be alot more useful for those of us interested in NPR if this one area of Blender is improved.

For starters, the only thing that would help would be the ability to set consistent edge thickness, and maybe an ability to tag mesh edges to be rendered.

From doing a search of Blender Artists, it seems that alot of people would love and appreciate an improvement of the edge renderer!

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As a lover of anime & drawn art i feel the ability to render ink lines as desired a must for integrating 3d objects in to 2d environments.
It would also be handy for printing out frames for rotoscopping (tracing 3d models) Here is what is needed: separate siloette lines from interior lines- so you can activate either one as desired or both, and customize: thickness, color, angle threshold and perhaps thickness based on perspective.
Edge line editing should be done in material slot- you can then edit features for individual objects and like a material, select the settings created previously on a list for new objects. the edge settings in the render page will then only apply to objects with no custom setting and won't draw on objects unless they have edge enabled in the object material page. An 'override all' and 'override all but custom' would make quick work of the rest of the scene. this is based on what i have seen in xsi. blender's toonshader is very good- i think you can custom lighting through vertpaint but not shadows- be good for noses! also good if you could render wire frame minus back faces and objects behind for cg visuals- heads up display etc.

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Post by ScienziatoBestia »

Change the edge thickness could be very useful also for architectonic and cad .
Is there this possibility in 2.5 release?

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