Rendering far distance shadow problem

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Rendering far distance shadow problem

Post by elitewolverine »

I am building a large fanship just for kicks, for stargate. Anyhow the ship is large about 600blender units +.....

the ships main hull is paneled for a realistic look threw modeling not texturing...

when i render up close shots ect, everthing is fine, all the faces show up shadows, etc, show up....

now i know when you put say a box ontop of a box that are the same size, and render it, you get like a filtered banded look on the faces, cause there is two faces on one....

well that same idea is happening when i try to render the ship from a far distance, some 1000 blender units camera limit is set to 2000units for rendering....

and when i render real far for a full ship view, all my panels or even objects are like black, or have that double face look...

i know the panels are not double face and are at least .1 in height...

any ideas or help? never had this problem before...and no i cannot redo, the ship is in upwards of 700,000 faces and over a 1.3million verts

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Post by loogas »

Well, it's been a long time since you posted but I'll try - have you found a solution? In my case the problem is similar - the bigger the distance from camera the worse my shadows get. Cheers.

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