Many of the same objects, render time is HUGE

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Many of the same objects, render time is HUGE

Post by trombonechamp »

I am working on a project. For this, I need to have a large number of objects. Each of these objects is emitting particles. I left this on to render, and it was still working after 45 minutes. Is there any way I can tell Blender that these are all the same object, so it renders accordingly?

Thank you!

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Post by blaize »

i would try to look for some info on object instancing, and render instancing.
that should speed up render time, but i dont have any experience with using it.

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Post by mpan3 »

if they are the same object, sometimes duplicating them with Alt-D is faster than Ctrl-D. This will make sure these object share the same mesh data.

More over, are you sure you are not out of physical memory? (ie swapping?)

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Post by SaltyOREO »

in one picture with dna i made, the first render had about 843,000 verts and it rendered perfectly. However, i duplicated the main strand and had to make alot more because the new one was farther back and didnt cover the whole screen.

So i made alot of strands. Basically, i ended up with roughly 2,000,000 verts and render time was HUGEANTIC!!!!

See if you have alot of verts and if that is the case maybe the renderer is directly linked to verts.

Hope that helps

Brandon E.

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