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Overlapping Mesh Surfaces - Jagged "Junk" in Rende

Posted: Mon Feb 11, 2008 3:28 am
by macfan777
I am working with a mesh made from a particular font where the letters overlap at frequent intervals, and where the flat faces are (i.e. where two planes are on the same plane) the render comes out junky-looking (at least with raytracing on - raytracing off solves the problem, but I need raytracing for this render.) The only way to solve it is to convert the text to a mesh, edit it extensively so that the second face of each overlap point is separated from the first, and re-render. I noticed the same type of "junk" with certain meshes when they are set to smooth. If you're not sure what the junk is, it's like a rough flashing whenever the object is moving. Kind of hard to describe.