Im developing a Raycaster for Blender and need some help

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Im developing a Raycaster for Blender and need some help

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:D Hello all

Well I have some time now, and I were spent it developing a Raycaster for Blender, currently I have most of the algorithm implemented and working, as some test that i made inside blender rendering a volumetric texture.
I also reserching and implementing optimizations as early ray termination,etc.

But the main problem I currently face is WHERE i could 'plug' the raycaster contribution to the image pixel in the blender render pipeline.
I am new to the blender source code so pardom my 'blender ignorance'
Because I have not an active internet conection I couldn't visit chats and other realtime forums, Im developing it offline, and when I have an stable an integrated feature I give it for testing and further development.
I also would glad of every help that you could give me (as render papers,codes etc) for example the raycaster is implemented modular, so I only have to plug it to the pipeline, in the function that iterates over every pixel of the output image and add to it the volumetric contribution of volumetric objects (at a las step i implemented the interface)
I also am focused on artistic freedom, so I would give the user the maximun control over the rendered result

What are the function that gave me for an object and a ray, the two point of intersections? (input and output) or in case that function does not exist from what i could make it?
And where should I composite the volumetric effect (fisrt opacities,later reflections, aor so on) Please send me feedbacks
my mail is:

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