Superfast, but some things I miss..

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Superfast, but some things I miss..

Post by solmax » Fri Oct 18, 2002 3:01 am

In general I'm quite happy with the renderer, there's only three things I really miss:
1 - Fast image motion blur ( as seen in MAX )
2 - Automatic calculation for reflect/refract maps
3 - Better implementation of edge (cartoon) rendering. Now edges inside the silhouette of an object are hardly visible.

Nevertheless for most tasks the renderer is superfast, recently I used it for a full commercial production. Apx. 12 secs per frame (for 300k+ poly scene) was THE knock-out criteria.

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Post by cessen » Fri Oct 18, 2002 9:02 pm

I assume that by "fast image motion blur" you mean "image-based motion blur".

Anyway, that would, indeed, be a nice feature. However, at the moment I think it would be good to focus on somewhat more important, less complex things (image based motion blur is EXTREMELY complex, and is difficult to impliment even if the renderer is originally designed with the neccessary structure in place).
As far as automatically generated env/refrct maps go, that is already in place. (Although there is not a good refraction-faking system.)

Cartoon rendering is largely an issue of implimenting a shader-plugin system.

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