Yafray problem

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Yafray problem

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Hey guys n gals, i just have a few quick questions:

So, i have the latest versions of Blender, Yafray, C++, Python, and my latest driver for my Radeon X1650 Pro. The problem i am having is that if i use Yafray, i can only render it with the "XML" button checked and i cannot turn it off or else Blender crashes. Does anyone know why this might be? I hope that it is happening with other people or else i might have to do some looking around more so than what i have done.

The interesting thing is that it is doing the very same on my school computers. They crash when XML is turned off....

Another thing that i noted, is that i do not have the option to select how many CPU's i want to use in the new blender for Yafray Rendering... is this just some change they made to their system or is there no reason why it is acting up?

All help is wanted and i pray that a solution is found to my questions,
Brandon J. Engle

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