Raytracing and moore's law

Blender's renderer and external renderer export

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Post by konrad_ha »

:shock: Did you see those rendering-times?

God, I wish I could plug some renderer like this into Blender. That would make my work so much easier!

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Post by ideasman »

rcas wrote:
ideasman wrote: another open source one that used DirectX only.
Yup, this was one of those, but there was another one using OpenGL, but I can't find the link anywhere.
Id like to see an openGL renderer- that would be awesome.- Non realtime I mean.

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Post by rcas »

ideasman wrote: Id like to see an openGL renderer- that would be awesome.- Non realtime I mean.
It wasn't realtime, it was like parthenon but it wasn't finished yet.

I tried googling but haven't found it, if I find it I will post it.
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Post by lololol »

lol, graphic cards have weaker processors than CPU's, are you kidding me?

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Post by Koba »

Raytracing is the future...even for games.

The reason is that raytracing is resolution-dependant and complexity-independant (from what I understand). Current games run fast by using a whole load of shader hacks (bump mapping, parallax mapping etc) and not much geometry. Turn everything into geometry and a raytracer would compete pretty well.

We are getting to the point where shader hacks are reaching their limits. To increase quality we now need to increase geometry and raytracing will take off. As a bonus we will get *proper* reflection and shadows instead of the glitchy techniques used now.

As for development a raytracer would have make a lot of effects much simpler to code.


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