Why dosn't my game ever look like the render?

Blender's renderer and external renderer export

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Why dosn't my game ever look like the render?

Post by arbiterchewbaccahybrid »

When I animate or render my game all of my ray mirror properties and the real time light shading but when I play my game it never works, why?
and how can I get my game to look like the render?

here's the file play it then look at the render... Big difference(the render looks much better)
and what exactly is a render?
I am lookin just to make a good game...

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same here

Post by blendist »

i have the same problem. i just started a thread on it ill let you know if i get an answer

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Re: same here

Post by ReCreate »

My guess is that the one that does not look "much better" is the preview, The one without effects or whatever...

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Post by SirDude »

The game engine and the normal blender render engine are two totally different beasts. They were designed with different priorities and behave

The game engine is all about speed and real time graphics.
The render engine is all about making things looking good, and is willing
to sacrifice time to get better results.

You can still get great results with the game engine, you shouldn't expect the game engine to look just like a render though. They are not the same and shouldn't be....

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