Aqsis Rendering

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Aqsis Rendering

Post by flightmaster13 »

i installed RIBmosaic and its working fine. I also installed aqsis and i can tell RIBmosaic to use this render engine. I changed the directory of the export to my desktop. All i get when i render is a folder called Mosaic. How do i get a final image?

PS. My system is a

iMac 21.5
4gb DDR3
3.06 Intel Core 2 Duo
Snow Leopard

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Post by pgregory »

If you don't see a render window pop up when you click render, then chances are Mosaic can't find Aqsis on the PATH. Make sure your path is updated to include the location of the Aqsis binary, and then re-run Blender.


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