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Blender's renderer and external renderer export

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Post by JanneVee »

If anyone wants a renderman like renderer with a little more features than aqsis you have pixie

I haven't had the time to try out pixie yet but the screenshots look promising!


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Post by sedgetone »

Hi Green

Are you still working on Renderman support as this thread's been quite for a while now? As 2.32 has Yafray intergration how long before your work being excellent work gets added too?!?!

Has anybody had a play with 3delight V2 yet?


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Post by cekuhnen »

i would love to get some info about that as well.

since 3delight v2 has some more awesome FX.


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Post by Bentagon »

will it have support for 3Delight? In my opinion, this looks like the best free renderman complient out there...

- Bentagon

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Post by ideasman »

I find it interesting how renderman is a standard yet exporters manage only to be compatable with spesific implimentations.
(Like the HTML standard)

I suppose each implementation is slightly different.

Is one implimentation any better then the others? I would assume PRMAN is the most compliant implimentation? How does aquises compare?

To be honest I havent seen any greate renders form aqsis, not even from k3d, but the sample renders sho some good features.

Couldent get tuhoppu aqsis working . damn

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Post by lancelet »

Hi Ideasman,

One of the main problems with different RenderMan renderers is that they use different rendering algorithms. In the past, a great deal of contention surrounded the apparent choice to support only raytracers. This would have caused problems for renderers that use the original REYES algorithm, because those sort of renderers require separate rendering calls to generate shadows and reflections.

There are some issues with specific implementations (like HTML, as you suggest) but those are really quite minor in comparison with the issue of requiring an architecture to support multiple rendering passes.

The current CVS version of tuhopuu now supports calling Aqsis, Pixie, AIR, 3Delight and RenderDotC, although some of the specifics of these renderers haven't yet been addressed. If someone can tell me how to invoke PRMAN then I'll add support for it as well.

It shouldn't be too long now before some binaries are available containing the Aqsis exporter for you to play with. It's still very much a work-in-progress but it can already do quite a lot.

Jonathan Merritt.

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