Lightmaps, lightprobes..

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Lightmaps, lightprobes..

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How much support does blender have for lightmapping (question from a gamedev mindset)

- UV application (manual? axial?)
- chart /atlassing
- tweaks for texture formats .. placement of maps on DXT bountaries
- lightprobes (automated or user supplied placement)
- spherical harmonics?
- what type of material properties can control bounce light
- support for mixture of vertex lighting & lightmap-lighting
- extracting formfactors for relighting geometry with different conditions
- controll over bounce light, rendering pure ambient occlusion channels ..
- handling of large worlds (e.g, if you wanted to lightmap a model of an entire Country, would you be able to render with an attenuation tweak to both bounce light & ambient occlusion that places a hard limit on the range of influence of any light or shadowcast of any object , so that it can be gridded and only render a gridcell when anything in its neighbouring cells changes)

- cpu or GPU raytracing, gpu sampling rendering

- does it get rendered from the complete blender app, or can a standalone renderer function i.e. WITHOUT openGL / graphics card.

.. can anyone point me to a summary of what blender does & doesn't do in this field ? (also comparison to existing /external apps)

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