Crafter: manipulating/generating Sharders

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Crafter: manipulating/generating Sharders

Post by Etna »

I've seen this today,okay it's not directly in relation with blender (mmh?) but it seems really interesting, and OpenSource.
It require a render like Yafray (good news )

The way to make shader is nice.

Anyway, it's in progress

ps: this post isn't a request, sorry if i've made a mistake

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Post by wavk »

Hi Etna,

I'm the creator of crafter. And it IS directly related to Blender :D I intended to code it inside blender, but the project was too complex to be coding directly in blender, much better to make a separate version first. I'm a bit out of time at the moment, so development is stuck. That's why I released it open source, I hope people will take it up and code it in blender.

It's already been ported by two people to linux, macosx and cygwin:) And MarkLuffel also did a lot of code cleanup! And with yafray being integrated into tuhopuu, it would rock to have crafter integrated also...

ps: it's not only request you can post here, not at all:)

So it is related to blender:)

Have fun,

Wybren van Keulen
Funny Farm

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Post by cekuhnen »

i realy love your crafter.

i use 3delight a lot and the renderman support would be awesome.
i like those visual shader design tools. when it would be possible to just ouput the uncompiled shader so i could modify few by hand this would make crafter even more powerfull.

i hope i will use crafter one day that way!

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Post by dittohead »

I know this is an extremely old thread, and digging it up is pointless, but I was just wondering when we are going to see a linux port?

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