ZBLUR in 2.28

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ZBLUR in 2.28

Post by Riskbreaker »

I didnt exactly know where to post this, but here goes...

It was pointed out by someone at Elysiun that Zblur doesnt work in 2.28 (as I am to understand that all if not most scripts/plugins should work there because of the new api?)

I thought...no, it might just be their setup....you I tried it, and I get error messages in the console window and a bright red render in the render window.

Anyone know whats the go here?

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Post by spider2011 »

When a real depth of field...

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Post by @ndy »

strange, the zblur plugin works perfectly here.
the red window can be a result of wrong zmin values, too. what's the console output?


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Post by Riskbreaker »

Ok heres what Im getting:

Error: input has no z-buffer


It seems i have the old compile....not the june 2003 one.. :oops:

It works now

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Post by spazz »

where to get the new version? :mrgreen:

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Post by padrino »

finally i've downloaded it here again and now it works:
http://www-users.cs.umn.edu/~mein/blend ... index.html

maybe this helps you!


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