blender publisher 2.25 and dispview??

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blender publisher 2.25 and dispview??

Post by smoon » Mon Oct 21, 2002 12:27 am

hi all,
is it a bug or am i doing something wrong?!
i just downloaded blender publisher 2.25 for linux.
but when i enable dispview (rendering in 3d window)
blender renders but the result disappears when the render
dispwin works just fine...
any comments?

greetings smoon

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Try running blender windowed

Post by z3r0_d » Fri Oct 25, 2002 5:53 pm

Blender defualts to running fullscreen (even in linux) on top of whatever is there.

Run blender with the command
blender -w

to run windowed, it should fix your problem

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