rendering problem?

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rendering problem?

Post by petri »

I thought that if I post this message here, instead of in the "render" section, it might get a bit more attention.

Here's the deal: Im using redhat linux 9 (kde and gnome), newly (today) updated (via the up2date) and blender, 2.25 and 2.28. I am a linux newbie in search of better platform stability for blender.

Other specs: amd900mhz, ati radeon 64 ddr, abit kt7a.

If I try to render with dispwin option it crashes meaning blender closes immediately. However, I can render dispview, but as you all know, it wont show the picture correctly it is measures.
What could be the problem? Im getting a bit confused.
Thanks in advance.


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Post by z3r0_d »

that is weird

random guess:
try running blender in a window, with the -w option
blender -w

I have no idea why creating a window would crash blender

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Post by matt_e »

Moving this topic to the Rendering forum. Please do not cross-post - the different sections are here to help organise the topics.

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