Fixed my problem: atioglxx.dll

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Fixed my problem: atioglxx.dll

Post by kvdman »

Well, as I mentioned before, I have a Radeon 7500, and have the latest drivers installed in XP, and in Linux am using xfree86 4.3, and DRI.

I get the following errors:

In Windows XP:
AppName: blender.exe AppVer: ModName: atioglxx.dll
ModVer: Offset: 001baa8e

I thought I could fix the problem by removing .B.blend as described here: ... aq_id=1354

But apparantly the file doesn't exist in Windows XP...

So..... what I did was renamed atioglxx.dll in /windows/system32 to atioglxx.cop as described here: ... n&ie=UTF-8

And now everything works again!!!

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