Save image help!! (Mac)

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Save image help!! (Mac)

Post by Matsuemon »

Hello everyone,
I'm so sorry to ask such a basic question, but I've checked several sources and they are all incorrect, and it's driving me nuts!! My question, simply is this: On a Mac, how do you save a stinkin' image to your hard-drive??

Here's what I've read so far. You have to click f12 and then f3 to save the image. That absolutely doesn't work on my computer. Next, I've read you can click "save image" from the file menu. There is no "save image" option in the file menu!! So what the heck do I do? I see on the right side of the screen, in render options, how to set the file path and file type and all that, but I just can't actually make it save as a jpg, for instance.

I have one of the mini-keyboards, so I don't have the number keys on the right, and I mention it because it seems to matter with some functions. Thanks for your help

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Answered here:

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