How can I use multiple UV maps in Cycles?

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How can I use multiple UV maps in Cycles?

Post by stijntas »

I'm testing cycles in Blender 2.62 on a Windows XP machine. I have a test-scene with two UV maps applied but I can't find an option in the node editor to change the UV-maps. I checked the "Texture coordinate" and the "mapping" node for an option.

Is it possible to change UV-map or is this a feature for the future?

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Post by threedee »

Do you mean different uv maps on the same object or one uv map per several objects? Cycles takes the uv map assigned to the object you unwrapped. You may assign different materials to an object by selecting its faces, and then use different textures for those materials. I am too nooby to tell you if you could unwrap several parts of an object by selecting portions of its faces, though.

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Post by BlackR »

I think I have a solution....
If you have a mesh with multiple uv maps you can choose between them in the node editor, by adding an attribute node. Under Name you insert the name of your uv map and connect the vector dots...

hope i could help

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